Hotels in Eindhoven

Eindhoven has several hotels with price levels that start at about 70 euro per night (single room) and go up to about 200 euro. Because Eindhoven is a small city, all hotel locations are in close vicinity of the conference location / the university campus.

An overview of the locations of the hotels and conference dinner in relation to the conference venue is given at the bottom of this page.

The following hotels can be booked through the conference registration (through registration):

Holiday Inn (most close to the conference venue; Prices per night: € 135 single, double €155

Hampshire Crown* ( Prices per night: € 119 single, double €139

Art Hotel Eindhoven* (Designer hotel; Prices per night: € 127.50 single, double €138

Budget hotels are Crown Inn ( Prices per night: € 70 single, double €90 and Queen ( Prices per night: € 87.50 single, double €102.50


For those interested in a more modern life style Eindhoven offers an array of designer hotels, see e.g.: Hotel Glow* (Designer hotel;

As far as low cost options for students and others on a tight budget are concerned: there are several low budget Bed & Breakfast places and hostels in Eindhoven where one can sleep for around 30 euro per night. For some examples see the following websites:; .

A new low budget option located in a new and vibrating part of Eindhoven (a little bit further away from the campus) is Budget hotel Blue Collar*: (unfortunately the information provided on the website is not yet available in English; this pdf summarizes the information )

* These hotels are tested and advised by our Feelgood manager!