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The organizing committee of Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe offers together with the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ), companies and other organizations the unique possibility to position themselves as frontrunners in the field of healthy buildings. In addition, options are available to actively participate (though not in an over-commercial sense) in a 3 day conference. We expect 300-400 indoor environmental specialists to attend, mostly originating from European countries. English language will be used throughout the conference.

General conditions
The option to sponsor the conference (that will be held at the Eindhoven University of Technology) is available for companies who are willing to agree to the main ISIAQ requirements with respect to sponsoring:http://www.isiaq.org/sponsorship_donation.php. The HB2015 EU organizing committee and the ISIAQ Board of Directors allow the right to reject individual sponsor requests with reference to the ISIAQ sponsor regulations.

For exclusivity purposes and space limitations in the conference centre the amount of sponsor applicants is limited. Please note that especially for the Platinum and Gold sponsors we aim for one company per product or service category.

Detailed info and prices can be downloaded: Sponsor package

If you are interested in sponsoring Healthy Buildings 2015 please contact our sponsor coordinator:

dr. Lada Hensen – Centernova