Themes and sub themes

Core diagram









Healthy buildings encompass the whole indoor environment from thermal through, air quality, light, sound, vibrations and radiation. We have organized the conference around six themes. For each theme we defined two subthemes. All subthemes presented relate to the indoor environment.

A.            Design & technology

A.1           Human centred design solutions
A.2           Sensors and actuators

B.            Politics, policy & law

B.1           Compliance to requirements
B.2           Labeling (products, building, performance)

C.            Behaviour & environmental psychology

C.1           Man-environment interaction
C.2           IEQ awareness and expectations

D.            Energy & sustainability

D.1          Energy and IEQ
D.2          Energy and health

E.            Sources & exposure

E.1           Source control (e.g. Microbiological, indoor chemistry, filtration)
E.2           Exposure reduction (e.g. Ventilation solutions)

F.            Physical responses & physiology

F.1           Diseases and disorders
F.2           Health assessment (incl. Thermal comfort)