Reaching the venue

Further practical info about the conference can be found here.

From Amsterdam Airport
From Amsterdam Airport, the train will take you  directly to Eindhoven. Schiphol station is directly underneath the airport, so you get on and off the train right beneath the departure/arrival lounge. Tickets are available from the NS point of sale in the lounge and at the ticket machines, which you can find in the lounge too and in the hall of the luggage pick-up (you cannot buy a ticket on the train).

The big yellow NS signs indicate platform number and time tables. The Dutch railways have an on-line international time table  (enter “Schiphol” for Amsterdam airport) which also indicates platform numbers and final destinations of trains.

It takes 1.5 hours to go to Eindhoven. A single ticket Schiphol-Eindhoven costs approx. EUR 17.50.

From Eindhoven Airport
Eindhoven has an international airport with direct connections to several European airports  and a frequent service to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol). For details consult the time table of Eindhoven airport.
Once you have arrived at Eindhoven Airport, you can take the shuttle bus (401).
The other possibility is to take a taxi to the centre of Eindhoven which will cost about EUR 35.00.

Other Aiports
It is also possible to arrive at Eindhoven via the airports of Maastricht or Rotterdam; from both cities there are regular train connections to Eindhoven. There are also airports not too far from Eindhoven, in Brussels and Düsseldorf and Düsseldorf-Weeze, but with less convenient connections.

By rail
You can reach the university easily from Eindhoven railway station. Leaving the platform, you go down the stairs and turn to the right. You leave the building on the north side, facing the bus station. The university buildings are to be found at the north-east and are a five minutes walk.

More information: Dutch Railways.