Eindhoven University of Technology

HB 2015 – Europe will be held at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the city of Eindhoven.
Practical information about the conference can be found here.

About EIndhoven
Eindhoven is the fifth-largest city of the Netherlands. It is located in the south of the Netherlands with very good railway and road connections to Amsterdam (Schiphol), Belgium and Germany. It also has its own airport with connection to around 70 destinations (mainly Europe).

Eindhoven has a temperate sea climate and experiences four distinct seasons. In May you generally can expect pleasant temperatures averaging around 18oC in day time.

Eindhoven has seen a rapid growth over the last century due to the presence of large companies such as Philips, DAF Trucks and more recently ASML which has attracted many high-tech companies in due course. In 2011, Eindhoven received the title ‘Intelligent Community of the Year’ from the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) of New York.

Besides technology Eindhoven also presents itself as a design capital, housing the renowned Design Academy and hosting the yearly international Dutch Design Week.

About the TU/e
The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has been a natural partner in all these developments since it was established in 1956. The TU/e intends to be a research driven, design oriented university of technology specializing in engineering science & technology with a focus on the Strategic Areas of Energy, Health and Smart Mobility.

Most conference sessions will be in the main auditorium building of the university.