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Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe – Interactive workshops

We want HB2015 Europe to be commemorated for its highly interactive workshops. The 16 Workshop topics have been selected, but..

How are interactive workshops different from other workshops?

We aim at 1.5 hour workshops that invite the audience to actively participate in the issues discussed.

The workshops will consist of 2 parts. The sessions start with two or three presentations that fit within the theme of the workshop (30-45 minutes) followed by a discussion on the basis of statements (45-60 minutes). Two moderators will lead this interactive part of the workshop. Pro’s and con’s of the statements will be discussed by the participants and experts present will be interviewed by the moderators.

The presentations at the start of the sessions will be selected from the applied papers by the organisation of the conference. The moderators of the workshop will have to prepare provocative statements for the second part of the session. During the interactive part of the workshop, one moderator will lead the discussion and interviews. The other monitors the process (e.g. time) and takes care of the summaries of the results of each statement and of the workshop in general.

How will we support the moderators?

We understand that this kind of workshops is new to many of the IEQ scientists and professionals. To make these workshops a success, we will support the moderators in the preparation of the interactive part of the workshop.

For the selected workshop proposals we will provide further information on the preparation of the interactive part of the workshop. For example how to make provocative statements. Later, we might also give oral instructions (e.g. using You Tube) or organise a training session before the start of the conference in which we explain e.g. how to initiate interaction among the participants, and how to keep on going the conversation during the workshop.