Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe – Interactive workshops

The following workshops will be held during the Healthy Buildings 2015 – Europe conference in Eindhoven:
A short description of each workshop is provided in this document.

WS1 Healthy building with the Active House vision Design & technology
WS2 Improving energy efficiency, IEQ on health Energy & sustainability
WS3 IEQ and productivity Behaviour & environment psychology
WS4 Improving IAQ with air cleaners? Source & Exposure
WS5 Healthy and energy-efficient school buildings Energy & sustainability
WS6 European IAQ standardization & EN 15251 Energy & sustainability
WS7 Indoor PM2,5 Measurement and evaluation Design & technology
WS8 Supporting biorythm with the Circadian House concept Design & technology
WS9 IEQ related litigation increase Politics, policy & law
WS10 The future of IEQ sciences Politics, policy & law
WS11 Health effects of insulation materials and sealants Sources & exposure
WS12 IEQ in housing for older people
WS13 Micro-organisms (Sloan Symposium) Sources & exposure
WS14 Ventilative Cooling & Annex 62
WS15 Chemical pollutants and Health Sources & exposure
WS16 Noise & acoustics Sources & exposure

More information is available here.